Reliv Independent Distributor
Healthy and Active Grandma
Hi!  I'm Beth Mull and I live in the Upper Penisula of Michigan.  My background is in Occupational and Physial Therapy.  My Reliv journey began in 2011.  Before Reliv, I was feeling run down and had no energy.  I dealt with back discomfort which made daily activities more challenging and I had to stop running which I loved.  My immune system was weak and my body wasn't absorbing the vitamins that I was taking.  This led to other health concerns and I was looking for answers.   

A friend shared Reliv with me and I took 2 shakes a day consistently.   I began to have more energy and my health began to change over time!  I was able to return to running and have also returned to backpacking!  I am able to paddleboard, kayak and play on the playground with my grandchildren!  My body is able to absorb the nutrition in Reliv and I feel amazing! 

I now share Reliv with other people and it is exciting to be a part of another person's health journey!  Reliv provides me with all the tools and support I need to earn some extra income.  The more I share Reliv, the more my income grows!  I am able to make my own schedule and I work from my phone which gives me more time to play!  Reliv is about family, community and commitment and I am excited to be a part of it!